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Buff Mountain

The lumberjack endless runner and beard simulator! Only the beardliest lumberjacks will have what it takes to bound over bouncing boulders, smash through fallen trees, and dive between eagles as you run to the top of Buff Mountain. Unlock dozens of outfits, hats, axes, and beards and show the world that you are the buffest lumberjack!


Clown is a text adventure in a classic film noir style. As the only clown private detective Tad Cavallo, explore a bitterly divided Coalport City to help the people of West Jester, the clown suburb you call home. The fate of the city lies with you.

Created for #ResistJam

Troll Bridge

Ornithopter Games' first playable game prototype made in 14 days for Adventure Jam 2015. Use all your cunning to survive or thrive as a young troll: become wealthy, infamous, or just feed on the bones of passers-by! Troll Bridge is a twist on the adventure game genre, packed with humor, pop-culture references, and quirky characters, including some nods to classic adventure games.