State of the Company: 2018

I'm starting a job on Monday. Ornithopter isn't going away. Those may seem like competing ideas, so if you've followed the studio—maybe you played Buff Mountain, or tried my jam games, or read my tech blogs—I felt like

How to set up SQLite for Unity

SQLite is one of the most popular options for lightweight databases, so it's a great candidate for use in a Unity application when you want something a little more robust than a structured text file (JSON, XML, YAML, etc.) or

Reactive Programming in 'Clown'

You may have seen my series introducing ReactiveX: a functional-reactive programming library, adapted for Unity under the name UniRx. (Or if not, here's Part One of that series.) As busy game developers, the last thing I want to do is

Wavebreakers: Global Game Jam 2017

Assemble your team. Invent a never-before-seen game. Art all the art. Code all the code. It's a no holds barred, non-stop, game dev battle royale, face to face—IN THE OCTAGON. (Okay, the computer lab wasn't technically octagonal.) Oh yeah,

ReactiveX and Unity3D: Part 3

In the final article of this series, we'll add jumping and sound effects to our first person controller. This will be the result: Jumping to a conclusion It's tempting to try to separate the code for WASD-movement and jumping entirely.

ReactiveX and Unity3D: Part 2b

I wanted to add a little bonus material to the previous part in this practical series on ReactiveX in Unity. We added a feature where we could run by holding the Shift key. Some games instead give you the option