About Ornithopter Games

or·ni·thop·ter (noun)

  1. a flying machine that flies by flapping wings

To understand our capacity to aspire to greatness, one need look no further than the story of artificial flight.

Many early attempts were based on ornithopter designs. The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci are full of them (one of which is the basis of our logo; thanks Leo!) Many attempts failed, but great thinkers continued, undaunted, through time. Now we've connected our whole globe with flocks of metal birds and set foot on the Moon. Even the fickle ornithopter has been given new life with increased understanding of winged flight and electro-mechanical miniaturization.

A drawing of an ornithopter by Leonardo da Vinci (courtesy Wikimedia Commons).

It is this spirit to which Ornithopter Games pays homage. That dauntless aspiration to create and share fantastic things.

Ornithopter Games is a tiny independent video game studio. The only thing keeping us flying is the support of fans like you. If you've played and enjoyed our games, I hope you'll share them with others and join us on whichever flights of fancy are next.

Signed, Tyler

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