About Ornithopter Games

or·ni·thop·ter (noun)

  1. a flying machine that flies by flapping wings

Simply look up at the birds in the sky and it is easy to believe—for the briefest of moments—that you could join them by strength of hope alone. That you could break the bonds of ground and gravity and experience true freedom. But the moment falls: pulled to earth by the weight of your feet. It is an ancient, universal experience. To understand the human capacity to aspire to greatness, one need look no further than the story of artificial flight.

A drawing of an ornithopter by Leonardo da Vinci (courtesy Wikimedia Commons).

Many early attempts were based on ornithopter designs. The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci are full of them (one of which is the basis of our logo; thanks Leo!) Those early attempts of course failed miserably, but great thinkers continued, undaunted, through time. Now we've connected our whole globe with great flocks of roaring metal birds. Even the fickle ornithopter has been given new (successful!) life with increased understanding of winged flight and electro-mechanical miniaturization.

The Ornithopter Games Logo

It is this spirit to which Ornithopter Games pays homage. The dauntless aspiration to be part of something greater; to share fantastic things with fantastic people; to join the legendary others who pull wonders from thin air with such grace.

Ornithopter Games is a one-person, self-funded, independent video game studio. Right now we're held aloft by pure inspiration and a desire to craft games that capture the imagination through engaging storytelling and inventive gameplay. Before too long though, the only thing keeping us flying will be the support and advocacy of fans like you. I hope you'll join us on whichever flights of fancy are next.

Signed, Tyler

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