Announcing Night Eternal

I admit it. I've been keeping a secret from all of you. Well it's time to come clean at last: I'm working on a game. That feels really good to get out in the open. Not only is it a game, but I think it's going to be an awesome game, and I hope you'll play it when it's done. So what is this game everyone's talking about? For your consideration: Night Eternal.

If the intensity of the trailer does not set your heart aflutter, if your nerve remains un-shattered, if your very bowels remain unreleased and you wait upon tenterhooks for every hint and clue of what horror lies in store, then read on, my intrepid friend, read on! Allow me to quote from the official press release:

Plunged into a malign and seemingly solipsistic existence, Rafael Navarro must search its dark vistas to uncover the events leading up to his arrival; and in doing so, confront a past which now eludes his recollection.

Explore a cryptic manor engulfed in darkness, illuminated only by the flame of your lighter; evading and combating the horrors which increasingly dwell both within the manor, and your mind in order to survive.

  • Navigate an expansive environment; Making conservative use of your lighter and its fuel, lest you and your mind be consumed by darkness.
  • Utilize scarcely procured weapons to combat enemies
  • Solve puzzles and discover clues in order to illuminate the secrets of your past
  • Numerous potential survival strategies and multiple endings

Night Eternal is the creation of Tuuka Stefanson whose design, direction, and fantastic pixel art will draw you into a terrifying yet captivating experience. Niilo Takalainen brings you sounds to chill your bones. Mikko Tarmia brings you music to set the scene. Myself—the unseen programming puppeteer—sets this pantomime to motion with my creeping code.

I truly cannot wait to see this project complete and in your hands. We hope to be ready come Winter for all of your PC- and Mac-powered enjoyment.

How did you get involved?

Great question! Blame Twitter.

Tuuka (@TuukaStefanson) August 13, 2015

I checked out Tuuka's other work and noticed he'd done the art for a Ludum Dare game that I had actually played! Such coincidence is not to be overlooked; I just had to be involved. Thankfully Tuuka seemed to feel the same and we've been working on Night Eternal since.

How can I get involved?

Even better question! The answer is also Twitter. Follow the official @NighteternalVG account for updates, or if you're not so much into the tweeters keep your eyes here until there's another official avenue.

We'll have more goodies to tantalize your brain soon!