How to set up SQLite for Unity

SQLite is one of the most popular options for lightweight databases, so it's a great candidate for use in a Unity application when you want something a little more robust than a structured text file (JSON, XML, YAML, etc.) or

Reactive Programming in 'Clown'

You may have seen my series introducing ReactiveX: a functional-reactive programming library, adapted for Unity under the name UniRx. (Or if not, here's Part One of that series.) As busy game developers, the last thing I want to do is

Wavebreakers: Global Game Jam 2017

Assemble your team. Invent a never-before-seen game. Art all the art. Code all the code. It's a no holds barred, non-stop, game dev battle royale, face to face—IN THE OCTAGON. (Okay, the computer lab wasn't technically octagonal.) Oh

ReactiveX and Unity3D: Part 3

In the final article of this series, we'll add jumping and sound effects to our first person controller. This will be the result: Jumping to a conclusion It's tempting to try to separate the code for WASD-movement and jumping entirely.

ReactiveX and Unity3D: Part 2b

I wanted to add a little bonus material to the previous part in this practical series on ReactiveX in Unity. We added a feature where we could run by holding the Shift key. Some games instead give you the option

ReactiveX and Unity3D: Part 2

This is the second part of a three-part series in which we re-create the Unity Standard Assets first-person controller using ReactiveX Observables. We've got walking and mouse-look done, now let's add running and camera bob. In this article we'll start