Anatomy of a Two-Week Jam

Game jams aren't for the faint of heart. As anyone who produces software, or art, or writing, or music knows, the creative process doesn't always obey timelines. Now do all of those simultaneously, oh and throw some fun, original, engaging

Announcing Troll Bridge

A young troll cannot spend their entire life in their birth forest... You hunger for raw flesh and warm blood. You thirst for power and infamy. And—above all else—you lust for the glittering, gleaming metal mankind holds so

Introducing Animation Viewer

Being a modern indie game dev means standing on some pretty tall shoulders. I know that I would be lost without the cornicopia of game dev tools, frameworks, advice posts, tutorials, and overall inspiration available both online and in our

First post!

Welcome to Ornithopter Games! This is a humble beginning to something that, honestly, I have no idea where it's going. As I understand it, that's the unique mixture of fun and scary that an independent video game studio is built